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    Homework is a way to monitor child individual progress. Writing a letter formally implies officialdom -most seldom write letters formally. But as one friend from Guangdong Province explained, she felt comfortable joking with insults that instructed her friends to do something, eat something, go somewhere, etc. Some students overcome these obstacles, but at every interval, several are forced to take the nearest exit ramp.
    The dissertation is just the announcement of the beginning of your life as an academic and researcher, a preview of what you have in you to give to your field of study it is not the sum of all your life s work. Look at you own life and see if you can honestly say that it isn t ruled by this fallacious coping mechanism. Seeking out and spreading the information is the true soul of research. We drove up that day in November, on Veteran s Day, in the rain, 5 years to the day after we had met at a party of a psychology friend of mine. At places rendered difficult by large roots, partly above ground, intercepting the passage, or by rough stones, the rider would dismount, and lead the horse.
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